Are you a Radio Station Manager or Content Buyer?

Unreliable presenters?

Struggling to cover sicknes, holidays or unsocial hours?

Short of quality speech-based content? And, if that is the case, is it just because you don't know where to look?

 If these are things you find familiar, we have solutions.

Are you a Programme Producer, Writer or Publisher with content available?

Is your content marketable?

Don't know who's buying and what they're willing to pay?

Is syndication the way forward?

Corporate or Freelance, if you need a market, we can help.

Are you an individual or organization looking for media roles?

Whatever your strengths, as a Broadcaster, Producer, Technical Operator, Engineer, Advertising Copywriter or any number of other skills, you can benefit from joining our Contact Directory. We'd also like to hear from Journalists, Feature writers, Critic/Reviewers, Graphic Designers, etc. Are you a Sports Commentator, Voice-Over man, Phone-in host, chirpy Breakfast Show girl or laid-back Late-Night Blues guy? Whatever your speciality, be it News or Sport, Business or Politics, Entertainment or Travel, somebody out there wants your creative input and we aim to find them.

If your enterprise supplies studio hardware or play-out system software, microphones or megaphones, or anything media related, please get in touch.

Are you looking for radio or print exposure?

If you are a Musician, Actor, Photographer, Comedian, Poet, Writer, Playwright or other creative person trying to make a name for yourself and have material over which you have full licensing and copyright control, we'd be especially interested to hear from you. If the material is not all yours, providing you take responsibility for all the legal stuff, we still want to hear from you.