These Beers were specially produced in 2017 by local breweries in support of Leicester Music Trail.

Music Trail Special Beers - 10 brand new and 2 limited edition re-brews

Tres Bien - "Come to the Sabat" 4.5% abv Pale - Available in Cask (fined) or Keg (unfined) £90 + VAT

Market Harborough - "Spin me Round" 4.5% abv Hopped-up Amber £85 + VAT

Framework - "Tangerine Dream" 4.6% abv Tangerine infused US style Wheat Beer, perfect for drinking in the summer sun whilst listening to sweet music. True to the style, this beer is naturally hazy. £83 + VAT

West End - "Purple Haze" 4.2% abv Plum infused Stout  £80+VATSOLD OUT

Belvoir - "High Note" 4.1% abv Golden Pale - Well balanced with a fruity finish and a blend of aromatic U.S. hops. £75 + VAT

Langton - "Carlton D'Ale" 4% abv Light chestnut coloured session bitter, late hopped giving a spicy orange twist. Leicester Beer Festival Special re-brew £75+ VAT

Elliswood - "Redhouse" 4.8% abv Red Ale £75 + VAT

Elliswood - "Fosse 107FM" 4.5% abv 'Inckley Pale Ale named after Hinckley's radio station. Leicester Beer Festival Special re-brew    £75 + VAT

Anstey Ales - "Madness" 4% abv Citra single-hopped pale ale 11.9ebc/53.8ibu £75 NO VAT LAST FEW CASKS

Anstey Ales - "Hopping Fiddler" 4.5% abv  Malty copper chestnut ale using Cascade hops 26.9ebc/42.7ibu £75 NO VAT

Market Bosworth - "Rhythm of the Rain" 5.2% abv Pale Ale full of Cascade hops £75 NO VAT SOLD OUT

Market Bosworth - "Knutsford City Limits" 4.2% abv Brown Stout £75 NO VAT SOLD OUT

To reserve beers e-mail in the first instance.